• Great bedroom lighting options

  • Great bedroom lighting options

    Great bedroom lighting options

    You're happy with the furniture in your bedroom, but it's still lacking that special something to make it the room of your dreams. Perhaps it's all in the lighting, as bedrooms need to be lit differently from the rest of the house.

    "We try to avoid downlights. Try to make it soft, indirect and ambient," says light expert Brett. "You can't create a mood with hard lights and glare."

    Brett's suggestion is a scattering of lights that are positioned according to need. "Many clients want reading lights, and two over the bed. With two on either side wall you can create lovely ambience, as well as keeping the room well lit."

    Dimmers are a must-have for side lamps. "They're integral to getting the right level of light for what you're after - you may read with a bright light but your partner may like it softer," Brett says.

    If you do have recessed ceiling lights, consider angling them towards the walls, or even over some artwork. "Aim them for the perimeter. Downlighting is too hard for the bedroom." Square fittings are the most popular for modern and even classical homes if you do like ceiling mounts. Brett always combines these with lamps, either on bedside chests or a side table, to further soften the effect.

    The perfect mood is created with luxurious touches, and linking all the lights using a 'C-Bus' system is a great way to add a touch of style. "We've done lighting schemes for touch-sensitive pads, or even timers, where the lights go on at a certain time. It's always lovely to walk into the bedroom when the soft lighting is already on."

    Side lamps can also be hard wired into the walls, so that all the lights - or specified ones - turn on with the flick of a switch.

    The great thing with new technology is that you're not limited to any particular style of lighting. "Anything can be hard wired; it's just a matter of taste," Brett says. "And now there's so much to choose from."

    One trend is towards choosing light fittings that don't reveal the light source as such. They can be metal, ceramic or saucer shaped objects that are mounted onto the wall.

    "When I do interior design, I like to focus on features without creating clutter. Because of the fashion for minimal, square-edged style, a beautiful beaded shade or crystal lamp can add personality to the room," Brett says. "People are discovering more and more possibilities with lighting these days, and I think everyone should just play with it to create the best room possible."

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