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  • cob 10W led ceiling light,down light
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  • LED Ceiling light is a kind of new ceiling lighting made by high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy and patented structure design technology. LED Ceiling Lighting are widely applied in the commercial lighting fields, meanwhile trickling in the house lighting fields. How to choose LED ceiling light is an urgent concern for each user. Most of ceiling lights is consist of 1, 3, 5, 7 , 9, 12 or 15 leds, and each leds power is 1w or 3w. And the LED ceiling light selection is depends on the required brightness, irradiation range, the width of the installation area and etc.

    Rated voltage: AC 90-265V
    Rated power: 1×10W
    Luminous flux: 80Lm/W
    Colour Temperature: 3000-6500K
    Dimension: Φ165×70mm
    Hole Size: Φ155mm

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