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  • 3-wire round LED rope light LED NEON light
    3-wire round LED rope light LED NEON light
    3-wire round LED rope light LED NEON light
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  • FLex LED rope LED pipe

    Easy to be bent into many shapes
    Energy saving
    Emit a kind of amazing pure light

    yellow/blue/red/white/green led rope light 2 wire 100 meter long


    Highly durable solid PVC pipe/tube It can be cut every 2 meters. Used for anywhere soft incandescent lighting is needed. LED rope lights provide a pleasing, warm feeling of comfort and security to your environment and create a spectacular enhancement to any celebration, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. LED rope lights are quite flexible to bend into shapes and easy to install with mounting clips . LEDs’ lifespan is quite long, which thus greatly minimizes the maintenance cost.


    Structure outline: roofs, windows, doors, storefronts, carports

    Business: signs, safety zones, work benches, lobbies, tradeshow booths

    Exterior lighting: walkways, decks, patios, boat docks, vehicles

    Interior lighting: cove lighting, shelving, kitchen counters, staircases, curio cabinets


    --Circuit design: 2-wire

    --Low cost operation;

    --LED life is approximately 30 times longer than regular bulbs.

    --Cool to touch when lit, flexible, and easy installation.

    --Indoor/Outdoor use.

    --Ready to use; just plug in to light.

    --Also cuttable every 2meters to adjust the length.

    --No flicker; rectifier smoothes the glow.

    --Impact resistance, can be withstand heavy weight and can be water resistance

    --Sustainable to temperature of -20°C--60°C.

    --specification for options.

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